We are a company of sixteen professionally trained actors who have been working together for
seven years in the making of theatrical productions that would create an engaging, entertaining
and elevating experience for our viewers. Open and creative, dynamic and hardworking, we are
continually driven and inspired by a passion for theatre as a collaborative art form.

What we do

Our main activity is to CREATE productions of classical and contemporary drama for the
viewers across all age brackets.

In the process of creating our productions, we SEEK OUT unexpected and original solutions
that would provoke the imagination of our viewers, both in form and content.

We INVITE adventurous artists across various disciplines to join in our productions, share
ideas and experience in creating a professional theatre that would provide a fertile environment
for free and benevolent exchange of ideas not only between actors but also within the creative

We ENCOURAGE the budding talent and the foremost performing artists from Lithuania and
further afield to present and implement their creative ideas within the framework of our annual
international festival “Young Theatre Days” in Klaipėda.

We ASSIST young people looking for their place and purpose in life in becoming inured to
stage fright by teaching techniques that stimulate imagination, develop concentration and
promote spontaneity through movement and improvisation in our unique theatre studio for kids
and youth.

Our supporters and collaborators

In all our activities, we are invariably accompanied and assisted by our teacher, one of the
most famous Lithuanian theatre and film actor and a professor at the Klaipėda University,
director Valentinas Masalskis.

In achieving our goals we are most indebted to set and costume designer Renata Valčik and
composer Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė, scenographer Paulė Bocculaitė.

We enjoy an enduring and successful collaboration with poet and playwright Mindaugas

Klaipėda Youth Theatre also owes much to its collaboration with the renowned European
theatre directors, which have recently included Jean-Cyril Vadi (France) and Árpád Schilling
(Hungary), from whom we have drawn lots of new ideas and experiences.