Date of birth: 18 04 1992
Place of birth: Klaipėda, Lithuania

2007 – 2011 Klaipėda „Aukuras“ Gymnasium.
2011 – 2015 Klaipėda University. Faculty of Arts. Acting. Course director V. Masalskis.

Since 2012 actor at Klaipėda Youth Theatre.

Work in theatre:
2018 Ken. J. Logan. “Red”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Lithuania State Youth Theatre.
2018 Man. Adaptation based on a play “The Reunification of Two Koreas” by Joel Pommerat. “The Two Koreas”. Dir. K. Gudmonaitė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2017 Zefi. Based on play “The Losers” by Natacha De Pontcharra. “The Rat-heads”. Creative team – P. Pinigis, D. Želvys, L. Akstinaitė, V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2017 George Gibbs. T. Wilder. “Our Town”. Dir. D. Rabašauskas. Klaipėda Youth Theatre / National Kaunas Drama Theatre.
2017 DonPi technology (crook). Based on the motifs of H. K. Andersen’s tale “Emperor’s New Clothes”. “The Naked King”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2016 Based on “The Prayer of Chernobyl” by S. Aleksijevič “The Name of a Star – Metele”. Dir. Jean-Cyril Vadi. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2016 Little one. “Tale Without a Name”. Dir. E. Miškinytė. Klaipėda State Music Theatre.
2016 Contrabass. P. Suskand. Mono-performance “Contrabass”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2016 Mephistopheles. J. V. Goethe. “Faust”. Chgph. T. Baužas. Dir. E. Šimelionė.
2016 Narrator. J. Marcinkevičius. “Spider’s Wedding”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Hunter“Confusion Because of Santa Claus”. Dir. K. Makauskas. Klaipėda Drama Theatre.
2015 Darius. “The Conscripts”. Dir. P. Pinigis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Vadim; mosquito. V. Sorokin. “Ice”. Dir. P. Ignatavičius. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Director. “Medėja for Kids”. Dir. O. Lapina. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Spoon. “Playful Music Orchestra XVI… at the Kitchen!”. Dir. E. Šimelionė. Klaipėda Concert Hall.
2014 Teacher. E. Iosnesco, V. Bartulis, G. Kuprevičius. Anti-opera “The Lesson”. Dir. E. Šimelionė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2014 Dwarf. “Characters of the Books Come to Life”. Dir. N. Krunglevičiūtė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2014 Mister-X. “Playful Music Orchestra XVI Plays with Mary Poppins”. Dir. Laima Akstinaitė. Klaipėda Concert Hall.
2013 Darelis. J. Tertelis. “Godbey, Idiots!”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2013 Ignas Šatas. M. Nastaravičius. “The Other School”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2013 Child of N‘as and I. Z. Liepinšas, A. Manfelde. “The Needle”. Dir. R. Kaubrys. Klaipėda State Music Theatre.
2012 Boletus, spook. J. Marcinkevičius. “Mushrooms’ War”. Dir. V. Masalskis.
2012 N. Nastaravičius. “Conflicts”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.