Date of birth: 22 07 1992
Place of birth: Jonava, Lithuania

2007 – 2001 Šiauliai Julius Janonis Gymansium.
2011 – 2015 Klaipėda university. Arts faculty. Acting. Course director V. Masalskis.

Since 2012 actress at Klaipėda Youth Theatre.

Work in theatre:
2018 “The Beautiful and that Powerful”. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2018 Woman. Adaptation based on the play “The Reunification of Two Koreas” by Joel Pommerat. “The Two Koreas”. Dir. K. Gudmonaitė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2018 Journalist. M. Judzentavičiūtė, Ž. Mičiulytė. “The Last Time Updated” Dir. Ž. Mičiulytė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2018 Cleaner. G. Grajauskas. “Prohibited for Unauthorized Personnel”. Dir. O. Koršunovas. Klaipėda Drama Theatre.
2017 Emily Webb. T. Wilder. “Our Town”. Dir. D. Rabašauskas Klaipėda Youth Theatre and National Kaunas Drama Theatre.
2017 Ieva. “R.E.M.” (Rapid Eye Movement). Dir. J. Tertelis, Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2017 Journal. “O.R.E: Operation Recycled Me!”. Creative team – I. Pakšytė, S. Lunevičus, R. Latvėnaitė, V. Kvedaravičiūtė, D. Stakėnas. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2016 Based on “The Prayer of Chernobyl” by S. Aleksijevič “The Name of a Star – Metele”. Dir. Jean-Cyril Vadi. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2016 Theatrical concert “The Beautiful and that Other”.
2016 Pompis. J. Marcinkevičius. “Spider’s Wedding”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Simona. “The Conscripts”. Dir. P. Pinigis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 Vocalist of the band Die Ice. V. Sorokin. “Ice”. Dir. P. Ignatavičius. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2015 “Medėja for Kids”. Dir. O. Lapina. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2014 Girl, who used to love her son. Mindaugas Nastaravičius. Your Suit Doesn’t Fit Me”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2014 Maid. E. Iosnesco, V. Bartulis, G. Kuprevičius. Anti-opera “The Lesson”. Dir. E. Šimelionė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2014 “Stone. Water. Sting”. Dir. K. Žernytė. Klaipėda Youth Theatre / Theatre of the Senses.
2013 Jurga Bulauskaitė. M. Nastaravičius. “The Other School”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2012 Spook. J. Marcinkevičius. “Mushrooms’ War”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.
2012 N. Nastaravičius. “Conflicts”. Dir. V. Masalskis. Klaipėda Youth Theatre.