Play in one act “Doublebass” is a parallel of our everydayness. Contemporary society of greedy narcissists learns the same lesson as the protagonist of P. Süskind’s play – overestimation of your own potential leads to protests and hatred towards the world that ignored your talent. Or finally you can apprehend that you’re only a piece in a big orchestra, probably not even a doublebass but a rattle.

Performance “Doublebass” is a tragicomic monologue by a contrabass that’s disillusioned by himself, the world and the music. It’s a drama of insignificant human: how to accept the thought that you’ll never play solo, that you won’t stand in a first row, that you’re just a secondary character in your own life.

Playwright: Patrick Süskind

Director: Valentinas Masalskis

Scenographer: Paulė Bocullaitė

Cast: Donatas Želvys

Duration: 1h

Premiere: October 1, 2016

Photos by: Eglė Sabaliauskaitė

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