What will be the outcome of this night? Will the two people be able to escape and liberate themselves?

There is no limit to Karla’s (Laima Akstinaitė) unconditional service and feelings for Helver (Paulius Pinigis) who lives in a fantasy world and experiences social rejection due to his ‘otherness.’ Her individual personality traits become entwined with his and merge into one unique picture, featuring colourful patches of different emotional gradations, such as motherly care and patient docility, egotistic cajolery and gentle femininity, the chagrin emerging from the dark shadows of the past, sudden displays of desire to control everything around and protect Helver at any cost from the calamities of the outside world, and a faint but nonetheless pure hope of being heard and understood.

But will Karla succeed to suppress her powerful feeling of guilt and help Helver acknowledge his innate right and the freedom of being ‘different’?

Valentinas Masalskis: “This play deals with marginal people, with boundless guilt, with making a choice to ‘bear one’s cross’ to the end of one’s life, with cruelty and intolerance within the society… How we look at those who think, look and live differently… This theme is very important to our present-day society.”

Playwright: Ingmar Villqist

Translated from Polish into Lithuanian by Rolandas Rastauskas

Director: Valentinas Masalskis

Scenographer and costume designer: Paulė Bocullaitė

Composer: Edvinas Vasiljevas

Lights: Artūras Lepiochinas

Cast: Laima Akstinaitė, Paulius Pinigis

Premiere: December 8, 2018




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