This performance is for those, who rush through life and for those, who need a break to look around and see their loved ones.

In the age of prevailing haste, alienation, selfishness and constant attempts to live according to a strict plan, performance “Our Town” looks back at the destinies of an ordinary people, living in the face of eternity, and searches for the meaning of this life. Performance examines essential questions: why do we live? What is love? What is death? What is time and why we don’t value it? What will happen, when out time is over?

Play depicts small USA town at the beginning of XX century, where neighbouring families are connected through the love story of their children. Essential moments of human life are portrayed in three acts – birth, childhood, maturity and weddings, funeral and afterlife. The language of play and its situation seems very simple at the first glance but it symbolizes universal and unconditional submission to time by all human beings. Today this topic gets additional shade of meaning – people don’t have time for each other, relationships between neighbours, relatives and family members are deteriorating. Characters of the performance find the answers to the essential questions of existence in simplicity of daily life. By doing so they emphasize advantages of life within the community – close relationships, respect and kindness.

Dramatis: Thornton Wilder

Director: Darius Rabašauskas

Scenographer: Laura Luišaitytė

Composer: Nijolė Sinkevičiūtė

Cast: Valentinas Masalskis, Rimantas Pelakauskas, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Diana Anevičiūtė, Valerijus Jevsejevas, Simonas Lunevičius, Asta Zachorovaitė, Artūras Lepiochinas, Gytis Lemkys, Donatas Stakėnas, Donatas Želvys, Vaiva Kvedaravičiūtė, Rugilė Latvėnaitė, Paulius Kavoliūnas, Ieva Pakštytė, Marija Žemaitytė, Laima Akstinaitė, Gediminas Povilavičius, Kristupas Biržietis, Paulius Pinigis, Donatas Mickūnas.

Duration: 2h 30 min (3 parts)

Premiere: January 4, 2018

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